In March 2018, A Woman’s Worth Project was birthed by Nerika Jenkins as a result of her own experiences with incarceration and her graduation from college. She knew that it was her destiny to impact the lives of incarcerated women. 


There are many obstacles that incarcerated women face after being released from prison and Nerika knew firsthand what they would be. Formerly incarcerated women struggle with:

  • Obtaining the necessary documents to receive photo identification

  • Possessing enough money to survive on a day to day basis 

  • Having a place to live after their release

  • Reunifying with their families and community


A Woman’s Worth Project works with women coming home from prison to navigate the many barriers and obstacles they face while still maintaining their dignity and humanity.


A Woman’s Worth Project became a nonprofit organization after Nerika received a confirmation from God that her vision would become a reality. She and the A Woman’s Worth Project staff aim to help women financially, socially, and spiritually by conducting mental health counseling, trauma-informed care, domestic and sexual violence recovery, life and professional skills training.  Our project places an emphasis on teaching self-care techniques so that the women in our program become and are equipped to maintain mental and emotional stability for themselves and their communities.  We know that housing is an evidence-based intervention that reduces recidivism and costs less than incarceration. At A Woman’s Worth Project, we are committed to providing a supportive home for women returning home. Lastly, A Woman’s Worth Project enters individual communities, organizations, schools to educate them and assist them in becoming more proximate to the issues faced by women and girls that were incarcerated.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

A Woman's Worth Project mission is to empower women to utilize tools and knowledge that will help sustain their life after transitioning from prison to society while embracing their self-worth. We support former incarcerated, veterans and women who are homeless by providing a safe place for them in one of our support houses.

Our Vision

Support women in elevating from a life of dependency to self-sufficiency.


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