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Nerika Jenkins CEO of A Woman's Worth Project Interviewed in Black Enterprise. Success Behind Bars.

Nerika Jenkins Served 12 Years In Prison And Didn't Commit A Crime, A Change In the Law Set Her Free.

Nerika Jenkins was a law abiding citizen and a college graduate but a relationship with a drug dealer led to her doing more than a decade in prison. A change in mandatory minimums, however, set Jenkins free.

“I remember thinking to myself the entire time sitting in the bullpen, ‘What’s going to be the end result?'” Jenkins says. “I know I didn’t play a party in what they said I did but I didn’t know what the end result would be.”

Read and watch her interview here: https://www.blackenterprise.com/nerika-jenkins-served-12-years-in-prison-and-didnt-commit-a-crime-a-change-in-the-law-set-her-free/

A Woman's Worth Project

A Woman's Worth Project is a nonprofit whose mission is to empower women to utilize tools and knowledge that will help sustain their life after transitioning from prison to society while embracing their self-worth. 



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